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By Voltaire | Created on April 21, 2014

The cell of The Lich bursts and he commands Finn and Jake to fall, which makes them go unconscious. The Lich then entrances Finn, telling him that there is only darkness in his life and only death will be imminent for all life and that he is all alone in the world now. Jake appears unconscious next to Finn. Finn feebly attempts to strike the Lich as he encroaches. His attack was ineffective, but there was some guardian blood near him. The Lich approaches for Finn and as soon as he was to touch, Finn's hand, which was dipped in some guardian blood near him touched the Lich which causes the Lich to scream as flesh begins to grows on his bones.

Finn then wakes from his trance and throws more guardian blood onto The Lich, restoring more flesh around his chest. Finn then tells Jake to finish him off while he chases after his father. Martin goes to the other prisoners and persuades them to make him their leader, to which they agree. He makes a creature to cut the stem before Finn reaches him. But as soon as the creature cuts the stem, Finn holds the cut end of the stem from both sides. This causes Martin to panic and at Martin's request, the fugitive void caster creates a void to escape into, which begins to suck the floating chunk of land upward faster. Finn grabs the two halves of the severed stem tighter and preventing his father from leaving, telling he won't let him escape and he struggles to hold on.